Hi everyone! So, I’m allergic to hazelnuts, pecans, and worst of all, walnuts. Except my doctor described it as “nut sensitivity” and not an “allergy.” What happens when I eat those nuts? My throat gets itchy and it’s uncomfortable. But I still eat Nutella and those nuts sometimes because nothing bad ever really happens and I can deal with it.

But this morning, I came to school, and took a tiny bite of a Kind Bar- Fruit and Nut. Immediately I could feel my throat swell, my breathing becoming harder, unable to swallow. I ran to the water fountain, but as I just wrote- I couldn’t swallow, so I coughed it back up.

I went down to the nurse’s office, and thankfully, the feeling was beginning to fade. The nurse told me that I was having an analeptic reaction, a very serious allergic reaction. He told me that it was very possible my throat would swell up again, that I could get hives, that my airways could close. Because whatever I ate was still in my system.

The swelling went down, but my throat still tingled and itched a little bit over the next couple hours. Then, suddenly, my throat swelled again and I got hives and the school had to call an ambulance. I got oxygen, an epipen, Benadryl, and steroids. And then I fell asleep in the hospital for the next few hours while they monitored me. I had an IV in my right arm, a thing hooked up to my finger to monitor my heartbeat, one of those velcro blood pressure things on my left arm, five sticky circles with tubes on them to monitor my breathing, heart-rate, who knows? There were four doctors and a nurse surrounding me when I first got there and it was terrifying.

But, in the end, I was okay. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to type this, would I? I got discharged after four hours of monitoring, and I finally got to leave with my dad, who left work to meet me at school before they even needed to call an ambulance.

But I’m home now. Safe. With an epipen prescribed to me. I know the drill. If it ever happens again, I stab myself through my pants, hold it there for ten seconds, call 911. Or have someone else call 911 if I can’t.

It’s a scary thing! I’ve never had any sort of reaction like this before! I’d taken a tiny bite. Imagine if I’d taken a huge bite. I was in the middle of a fairly vacant hallway. What of my airways closed and I could yell for help? It’s probably better not to think about that stuff. I’m hosting an English-style tea party next week, so I’ll think about that instead.

Good luck in life, you guys!


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I'm a teenage girl with brown hair living in NYC who likes to blog about all my issues! Woot woot!

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