A Happy Story of How I Saved a Cat

Who’s stressed about high school/college? I am! So, I thought I’d write some happy feel-good stuff to make you people, and myself, feel a little bit better.

Imagine the following: perfectly sharpened pencils with nearly unused pink erasers. A puppy with its tongue hanging out of its mouth racing towards you, too fast for its little puppy legs to handle, so it stumbles over them multiple times, but never ceasing its speed until it’s next to you on the couch, its head in your lap, butt in the air as its tail wags back and forth.

One time, I’d just arrived with my family to this creepy hotel we were going to stay at for a night. We were in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica on a rare family vacation. My dad went to check in, my mother and sister and brother went to explore the place, and I heard a meow. I looked around, walking forward into the empty-of-people restaurant area with no walls, towards the tiny sound until I heard it again. I looked up, and there, at the edge of the roof, was a tiny cat’s head sticking out upside-down, looking down at me.

“Hi, Cat,” I told it. The cat meowed at me, and I walked over to it, to stand directly under it. “How did you get up there?” I asked, mostly to myself, scanning the area to see where the kitten could have jumped up from. The kitten meowed again, and didn’t stop meowing until I looked back at it and asked, “What?” It stopped. “Are you stuck?” I asked, realization settling in on me.

After a quick walk around the area, I found a slightly shorter rooftop attached to the big one. This shorter one had a pipe attached to it that went down a little bit, just low enough for a kitten to hop from it to a counter, where I could pick it up. “Hi, Cat,” I said in my animal voice, the voice I use when talking to animals. It’s higher than my normal voice, and happier, too. I heard the tiny little thumps of the kitten making its way towards the sound of my voice.

When the little cat poked its head out at me, I pointed to the lower roof, saying, “Jump!” as if it could understand me. “Hi, Cat,” I repeated, walking to the other end of the shorter roof, in hopes it would follow my voice, which it did. I then positioned myself at the other end of the pipe, and repeated, “Hi, Cat.” It dubiously tested the pipe, and then scurried its way over to me, and the counter. When it was on the counter I picked it up, noticing it was a she, and said, softer, “Hi, Cat.” And then, “where’s your mother?” She was small enough to noticeably be a kitten, but big enough to not be completely dependent on her mother.

I placed her on the floor, and made my way over to a couch. She soon hopped up beside me, and fell asleep in my lap. It was the cutest thing I ever experienced in my entire life. I could feel her breathing, her warmth, and I could see her curled up in a little C shape, her eyes closed and ears twitching.

Turned out she was one of two of the hotel’s pets. There was also a dog. It was relieving to know she had a home.

I hoped you enjoyed this short little story of how I saved a cat.

Don’t be shy to comment your thoughts on anything, or share your own happy story. Thanks!


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I'm a teenage girl with brown hair living in NYC who likes to blog about all my issues! Woot woot!

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