Hi, it’s funny how I’m writing this to no one. Like, I just made this page five minutes ago, and I’m writing my first blogpost to no one. Hehe.

Well, I thought I’d welcome you anyway, though “you” don’t exist yet. I’m a melodramatic teenaged girl that so obviously has issues. One of them being my undying and at times highly inappropriate humor. So humor me, and follow my story. My blog.

There it is! My melodrama! Get used to that, and my constant making fun of it, and this isn’t so bad.

A little about me? Sure, thanks for asking! I’m a teenaged girl with brown hair and bangs, living in NYC, with friends who have issues, and issues of my own. On my blog here, I want to talk about those issues and maybe it’ll help somebody in a similar situation someday.

What types of issues, you ask? Well, not all of them are my own, but I’ll probably blog about: drug addiction (of course–gotta stay true to the url!), eating disorders, self-harming, depression, anxiety/stress, social anxiety, sexism, rape culture, whatever I want to talk about… the list goes on, I guess, but a lot of that stuff plays into one another.

Welcome to my blog.

A (my name actually starts with the letter A, and also, if you notice, so do all the words in my url. Works out well, don’t you think?)


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I'm a teenage girl with brown hair living in NYC who likes to blog about all my issues! Woot woot!

8 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Now you already became two readers 😉 I look forward to read more from you, I think that talking about these issues are pretty rare on WordPress. I hope that you’ll enjoy blogging and that writing and connecting with people will help you and the others as well 🙂


  2. Its great that you are dedicating your log to talk about issues people usually ignore. I hope to read more from you. More power to your blog!


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